10 Flutter tips — part 5/10

10 Flutter tips — part 5/10

We’re now halfway through the series, and today we’re looking at text and fonts, animations, transitions, and video and image libraries.

You can get to the first 4 parts here.

Auto Size Text

The package auto_size_text is a simple widget that automatically resizes your text to fit the screen. You can use it in many areas, like text fields or texts in general. This is just one example of many you can do. A full explanation can be found on the Pub.dev page of the package.

Font Awesome Flutter

font_awesome_flutter is an icon pack that many developers should know. It gives you the possibility to access more than 1500 additional icons. Here is a small example:

Flutter Markdown

With the package flutter_markdown you can render markdown files in Flutter. It supports the original format, but not inline HTML.


With the pdf package you can, as the name suggests, create PDF files in Dart. The great thing is that it works on any platform and is therefore also great for web development. You can find a very good live demo here.

Liquid Swipe

The package liquid_swipe is another well known package which, as the name suggests, brings the Liquid Swipe animation into Flutter.

Curved Navigation Bar

With this Package you can easily create a very nice navigation bar, which is a real eye catcher. With a really nice animation and many customization options this is a very good extension for your next app!


Rive is a very good package to really spice up your app. On the website rive.app you can create animations that can interact with the app. But what do I mean by interact? Well, you can tell the Rive plugin, for example, that as soon as the user enters a password field, your nicely animated character will put his hands in front of his eyes or something. This way you can make your users laugh or add very nice animations in general.


If you are familiar with Adobe After Effects and want to use your animations in your Flutter app, you can use the package lottie. It is very easy to insert your animations and it is very fast.

Image Cropper

With the plugin image_cropper you can crop images in the app. This is of course useful if you are building an app where you want the user to crop a profile picture or you want to develop a photo editing app.

Video Player

Videos are often an important component in apps. For this reason it should be easy to play videos in the app. The package video_player makes this child’s play and also has other functionalities like stopping video etc.


Half of the series is over and I’m looking forward to the next part. If you have any feedback, feel free to post it in the comments and of course I would also appreciate some claps if you were able to learn something today!

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