10 Flutter tips — part 6/10

10 Flutter tips — part 6/10

Welcome to the 6th part of 10 Flutter tips! Today we’re looking at incredible packages that will make your development process easier!

Let’s get started!


The Spider package is an easy to use package to better manage assets. There are several ways to install it, which are described very simply in the README.

Here is an example of how your asset management might look before and after:

The second one looks much better and is clearly more secure, as the assets class is automatically generated and the given paths are 100% correct.

Group button

Group buttons is an easy to use package to quickly create multiple buttons with similar functionality. It is extremely easy to use and I can recommend everyone to have a look at this package!

Dotted Border

As the name of the package says, you can easily create a dotted border around your widget. Simply wrap it with the DottedBorder widget and choose a borderType from the following:

  • RectBorder
  • RRectBorder
  • CircleBorder
  • OvalBorder

Here is a little example code:

Sleek circular slider

Oh man, this package will make your app a lot nicer. No matter if you need a circular slider for time, db or money, this will satisfy you one hundred percent. I’m not going to show you what a slider can look like, but just so you know, no matter what kind of slider you want to create, you’ll find the right one here.

Flutter tex

Ever wanted to have TeX in your Flutter app? Well, then this is the right package for you.

As you can see, you can create a lot of things with it and also use different rendering engines.


With this package you can interact with the GitHub api. It has a lot of features, which I’ll just list here:

  • Works on the Server, Browser, and Flutter
  • Really Fast
  • Plugable API
  • Supports Authentication
  • Builtin OAuth2 Flow
  • Hook Server Helper

You can find a demo here.

Note: This is not a GitHub powered package. It was developed by volunteers who work with the official API.

Desktop Multi Window

Ever wanted to create multiple windows in your desktop app? Well, then this package is right for you. As I just mentioned, this package allows you to create multiple windows on all three platforms (Windows, mac, Linux).

Mouse parallax

As you can see from the GIF, this allows you to create a widget that adjusts based on your mouse position. This can make your app much more beautiful. Moreover, the package is very easy to use and does not require a lot of prior knowledge.

Youtube Player

Have you ever wanted to embed a YouTube video inside your Flutter App? Well, then this package is the right one for you.


Fvm, or in long “Flutter Version Management” is a simple cli to manage your flutter SDK versions. You can configure and use the Flutter SDK for each project, install multiple Flutter versions and switch between the flutter channels & versions very fast. It offers a lot of other features and is also very, and by that I mean very easy to use. You can take a look at the documentation here.

Reading tip

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Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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