10 Flutter tips — part 7/10

10 Flutter tips — part 7/10

We’re already on the 7th part of the 10 Flutter tips series and today, unlike the last episode, we’re looking at UI packages again. We’re going to look at some really cool solutions to some problems, so it’s definitely worth reading on here ;)

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Smooth Page Indicator

Well, Page Indicators can be used everywhere. In apps, packages, websites, etc. To create really nice indicators you can easily use the package smooth_page_indicator.

Percent Indicator

To quickly display a percentage value, for example how far the download process is completed, this package is very good and easy to use.

Liquid Progress Indicator

Ok, to be honest, the previous package is more something for standard apps. If you want to have a progress indicator that looks really cool, then you should definitely use this package.

Syncfusion Flutter Sliders

This package really offers every kind of slider. In the example shown below you can see a very “extreme” example of what you can do with this package. Of course you can also create very simple sliders with it.

Syncfusion has not only this package, but also many other packages to choose from. If you want to see them, you can go to syncfusion.com.

Responsive Builder

An app should be responsive in any case. To achieve this roughly, there is the responsive_builder package. As you can see from the code, you only need one widget and you’re ready to go.


Want a nice timeline? Well, then just use the package timeline_tile. I personally have used this package for several apps and will probably use it in my current app as well. Just looking at the preview of it, you realize how many possible applications there are for this package! So: Highly recommended!

Concentric Transition

This package is really nice and a real eye-catcher in your app. As you can see from the example, this is a very cool animation type and definitely very interesting.

Smooth star rating

You’re building an Ecoomerce app or something else where your users can give star ratings? Well, then use the smooth_star_rating package to quickly create such widgets. It’s very easy to use and definitely recommended.

Flutter Chat UI

Meanwhile, there are more and more apps where chats are built in. Whether it is a pure communication app, or another in which support is offered via chat, the application possibilities are very large. However, it is often very tedious to design and develop a decent UI for it. To avoid this process, there is the flutter_chat_ui package. This offers you a nice preset, which is modern and easy to use.

Flutter Staggered Gridview

Everyone should know the normal gridview of Flutter, but what if you want to have a special gridview, like the one on Pinterest or something? Well, then you can use the flutter_staggered_grid_view package. It is very easy to use and works very similar to the normal gridview from Flutter.


Wow, already the 7th part of the 10 Flutter tips series is over. I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost! If so, feel free to leave some claps and follow me here on Medium and Twitter so you don’t miss the next parts!

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