10 Flutter tips — Part 8/10

10 Flutter tips — Part 8/10

Now we are already at the eighth part of this series and not far from the end. Today we deal with packages again, but not with normal ones, but with the packages of Syncfusion. Why these of all things? Well, these packages are really of highest quality and their UI solutions are very nice!

So, let’s get started!

Syncfusion DataGrid (DataTable)

This package is for displaying and editing datatables in tabular form. It is built very performant (like every package of Syncfusion) and offers a lot of customization options.

Syncfusion Localizations

syncfusion_localizations provides localized text for over 77 cultures that can be used in any Syncfusion widget. A complete list of all supported languages can be found on the package page.

Syncfusion OfficeChart

This package is for creating Excel charts based on data (logically). As you can see from the example below, you can really create any kind of charts. Highly recommended for apps where a lot of statistics are used.

Syncfusion Charts

Well, the last package was relatively monotonous and is just really meant for Excel etc.. But what if you want to create special, animated and very nice looking charts based on data? Then you don’t use the Syncfusion OfficeChart package, but the syncfusion_flutter_charts package!

Syncfusion Datepicker

Okay, we all probably know the Material Datapicker from Google, but what if you need a new design and functionality, the Date range picker? Well, then you just use the package syncfusion_flutter_datepicker.

The design is very clean and definitely very helpful with your app!

Syncfusion Calendar

Well, I think everyone should know apps like Google Calendar. You can put events there at certain times, different days etc. Now you probably can’t develop an app with this package that replaces Google Calendar, but in various apps you often need a calendar where events have to be entered. Well, who would have thought it, exactly this function offers syncfusion_flutter_calendar.

Syncfusion barcodes

Maybe you will encounter this problem very rarely, but if you are developing a larger app, you may sometimes need to generate QRCodes or barcodes to make it easier for the user to get to a certain website.

The plugin can create one-dimensional barcodes, but also two-dimensional ones. Of these, there are many different types, all of which you can find on the package page.

To solve this function with ease, you can use the syncfusion_flutter_barcodes plugin!

It is super easy to use, as you can see from the following:

Syncfusion Maps

Maybe you remember the US elections, no matter which year. If you’ve been actively following them, you’ll have googled what the current election standings are from time to time. And then you should have gotten a map like this:

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_States_presidential_election)

Have you also wondered how you can create such maps in your own app and make them interactive at best?

Well, to put it short, with the syncfusion_flutter_maps package you can do this.

If you use this package now, then you can create for example this.

There we have our map again, just in a few different colors. Of course that was not all. If I put all the ways you could use this package here, the story wouldn’t be pretty to look at.

So: If you want to do something with a map in any way, no matter if you want to display time zones or anything else, definitely take a look at this package!

Syncfusion SignaturePad

Well, again a rare usecase, but you should never say never. If you ever need an area in your app or website where you want the user to sign, you can use this package. It provides you with a signature pad as the name suggests.

Syncfusion PDF Viewer

Actually very self-explanatory, you can view PDFs with this package. But the nice thing is that you also have a lot of features built in, like you can jump to a page and the current page will be shown to you as well.

Like almost every Syncfusion package this one is very easy to use and requires only a few lines of code:


I’m sad every time another part of the series is over and we’re nearing the end. Well, if you liked this part, I would be very happy about a clap (and maybe a follow 🥺).

If you have any suggestions for improvement or tips of your own that should be included in the next part, feel free to post them! I am happy about any feedback, whether positive and negative and of course about help!

I wish you a nice day!

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