5 mind-blowing Flutter tips and tricks, that you can use right away!

5 mind-blowing Flutter tips and tricks, that you can use right away!

Today I’m going to present to you 5 extremely useful flutter tips that you can immediately apply to your project. I won’t present you any packages or extensions, but very simple, but extremely useful tips!

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Cleaner folder structure

After creating a new flutter project, there are way too many files. But we can structure these files with very simple steps in VSCode:

  1. Open the command palette (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P)

  2. type “preferences: Open Settings (JSON)”

  3. add the following lines to your settings.json:

Here is a before and after comparison:


As you can see, many files that we rarely use are now hidden in pubspec.yaml. Of course you can expand pubspec.yamland access these files.

Auto Fix linters

It’s very annoying to fix all the linter problems one by one. Even if you use for example the “add const keyword” dialog, doing this every time is in long term very time-consuming. That’s why we will create a way to automatically add these small things when saving a file. To do so, we go back to our settings.json (Instructions in the previous tip) and add the following:

Awesome Flutter Snippets

I know, I know, I’ve said that I won’t add an extension to this tips article, but this extension is a must-have for every Flutter developer. It provides you so many different Flutter snippets that you can use right away to speed up your development. It has 40+ snippets for every use case and supports complex widgets:

Print vs log

Sometimes, if you want to print an error to the console, the error is way too long to be displayed. This is because print has a character limit. To display the error, just use log(message) instead:

Easier formatting

In the second tip, we have spoken about how to add things like const keywords automatically. Now we want to format our file as soon as we save it. To do so, add the following line to your settings.json:

Further reading & Conclusion

In this article, you have seen 5tips that are extremely useful.

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