Should I use Teta to Create Flutter Apps Faster?

Should I use Teta to Create Flutter Apps Faster?

Teta is a free-to-use app builder with which you can create great apps in a few seconds. But is it as good as Flutter? Many developers “worry” about their jobs, because low-code app builders could replace them, but is Teta able to do that? In this article, we will take a look at this! I will compare Flutter & Teta in 9 categories like I did in Flutter vs FlutterFlow. Let’s get started!

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Note: I know that Platforms like Teta, FlutterFlow, etc. are for some people very important because they were able to build their first app. I don’t want to say, that these platforms are bad, but the purpose of these articles is to show professional Flutter developers if it’s worth taking a look at this. I think the general ideas of these platforms are great and they have great potential! Now we can start ;)

How long will it take me to learn one of the technologies?

This is quite obvious to say. Flutter is a framework, where you have to develop everything by hand. Teta is a low-code app builder that is based on visual components. Even if you can create custom functions etc. there, it clearly won’t take as long as Flutter. For Flutter, I would estimate a time of 2 months 3–4h each day to develop basic apps and at least 6 months 3–4 each day to be (very) good.

For Teta, I would estimate a time of 2-3 weeks including writing basic functions (so learning the basics of dart)

This point goes to Teta. Current State: 1:0 for Teta.

How creative can I be?

Flutter offers a great variety of widgets. The goal of an app builder is, to offer everything that the code-only tool can offer. In the case of Widgets, Teta can do this part. There are many many predefined Widgets in Teta that are very well integrated into the tool. You can create your own Components with custom widgets, but there is no linter or error catcher.

That’s why this point goes to Flutter and the current state is 1:1

How visual can I build my apps?

I think this is a very short part. Teta is a visual app builder, which focuses on nearly replacing Flutter development. Flutter on the other hand is a code-only tool that’s based on code only.

Teta retakes the lead with a 2:1 and custom packages

It’s pretty safe to say that you can use any package on with Flutter. But can you do this with Teta? I am honest, I wasn’t able to find anything about adding custom packages from, but I can’t really imagine this. So, if anyone knows how to add custom packages in Teta, please let me know in the comments and I will update this part.

But for now, this point goes to Flutter: 2:2

Responsive Layout

Teta has some small options to use Responsive Layout. They have a Responsive if condition and a Wrapper, but let’s be honest, they could do so much more. I actually don’t understand why every Flutter App Builder kinda sucks at responsiveness, even if it’s such an important topic, especially in Flutter development.

So, this point goes to Flutter: 2:3 for Flutter

Bugs & Bugfixes

I can literally say the same as in the FlutterFlow articles.

Flutter has many bugs, I think this is a no-brainer. And excluding, that Teta is built on top of Flutter, Teta may not have as many bugs as Flutter. But the big difference is community. While Teta can only fix bugs with their own team, a huge Flutter community can fix bugs, because Flutter is open source. And this is the key difference. If only a few bugs exist that are crucial, but only a few people can work on fixing them, it’s better to have many bugs that many people can fix.

Because we have already mentioned this, I will skip “Community and help with problems”, because it’s pretty obvious to say that Flutter will win this. It wouldn’t be fair for Teta if we give Flutter literally two points for a bigger community and open source.

So, this point goes to Flutter: 2:4 for Flutter


With Flutter 2.0, 2.10, and 3.0, Multiplatform is a huge topic in Flutter development. Teta kind of does this. It supports multiple device sizes, but in the device selection, I can’t find anything for a real desktop. But that’s not even the most important thing, because we could also write this in “Responsive Layout”. The more important thing is deployment; there we only get AppStore and Android (and codemagic). So does Teta support Windows, macOS, Linux, or Mac? No. The only thing you can do is download the code and test your app for these platforms on your own machine.

2:5 for Flutter

Deployment to Stores

Okay, now you are done with building your app and want to deploy your app. If we just focus on iOS and Android, Teta does a great job. It’s easy to use and it’s way simpler than in Flutter. Of course, you can’t publish to Windows, etc., but it would be unfair again to give Flutter two points for nearly the same topic.

So, this point goes to Teta:


Collaboration with Team members

Working in a team is crucial in development. Teta supports real-time collaboration and the different plugins in VSCode, AndroidStudio, or IntelliJ IDEA support this too.

So, a point for both:


Conclusion & Further reading

It’s safe to say that Flutter is still way ahead of low-code platforms. But If we would compare Teta with FlutterFlow, I can say, that Teta is better. Yes, Teta is in my eyes a little bit more complicated, does not look that good, and has not as many features as FlutterFlow, but it has features, great features that are also free (E.g. I really hope for Teta, that they improve some things in Flutter & Dart before fully focusing on TypeScript (Teta not only wants to create a Flutter app builder but also Typescript, that gives “superpowers to your website with Teta CMS”.)

If you want to learn great packages about Flutter that enhance your development, I can recommend you this playlist. It features great articles about packages like Freezed, Isar, Riverpod or even the ARKit of Apple integrated into Flutter. Check it out here!

Thank you so much for reading, have a great day!

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